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For some a funeral evokes an image of the family of the deceased all dressed in black, while somber organ music plays. But that is not true for everyone: some people do not identify with the church, have never professed affection for it and think of other options for their funeral. Options where there can be readings from family or friends, where we can listen to some favorite songs of the deceased, songs that he always liked, all this directed and according to the wishes of the family.

A celebration of life a celebration of life
While many still prefer the somber dignity of a traditional funeral, a celebration of life is an alternative way to say goodbye to a loved one that reflects the joy that person brought to the lives of others and emphasizes the celebration of happy memories. It is a way of reflecting who they were in life and how they will continue to live, in the hearts of their loved ones.

For some who are near the end of their lives, it is a comfort to talk to their family about a “beautiful funeral” and celebration of their life that will include memories and smiles as well as tears.

If the person who has died was not of a religious faith with its own funeral traditions, a celebration of life may be an appropriate way to reflect their own philosophies of life or unique type of spirituality.

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To toast someone. A happy funeral is the opportunity to give many people the chance to get involved and express how important someone was to them. We can help you organize all the elements to make your loved one’s celebration of life unique.

It will depend on the family, on the immediacy of the act, because if it is something unexpected and the whole family has not been able to arrive in time for the funeral, a ceremony can be held at any time after the cremation, where you can wait until family and friends from different parts can attend and celebrate the main ceremony with the ashes, with all attendees. Instead, you may choose to have an intimate gathering with close family members as a contrast to a larger cremation ceremony.

Obviously this is a hard time for everyone involved, but we are here to make it as easy as possible and as meaningful as we can and this comes from the ritual of the ceremony, connecting with people, sharing this moment of goodbye and actually, if people are involved, it helps the family in the grieving process, because they are still expressing their love for the deceased.

What are these types of funerals like?
If you are the person organizing a funeral, you will need to think about the elements that would have mattered most to them. It is also thoughtful to consider the wishes of other family members – a funeral is not just a farewell, but an important first step in the grieving process.

Would your loved one have wanted people to sing, or dance, surf or barbecue? Be sure to include details in advance, so that others know what to expect, wear or bring.

1. Places for a funeral ceremony
When arranging the ceremony, you can take advantage of a location provided by your funeral home or a room at a hotel or estate. It may be that, after you have arranged the actual burial or cremation, you prefer the actual ceremony to be in a place of special significance.

Alternative funerals can take place after someone has been cremated and include the committal or scattering of their ashes. If your loved one is a passionate gardener, for example, a park or botanical garden might be suitable, where you could arrange for mourners to release butterflies.

You can also organize it at your own home or at the local community hall or even in a pub. As with any social gathering, as long as there is enough space to accommodate the family and friends of the deceased, any venue can be suitable….

Release of doves at a funeral f02

2. Take to a civil funeral
These types of funerals are usually less strict than religious ones, but you will need someone to officiate the service. For this, our officiants will guide you through the procedure and will lead the ceremony in which you introduce the other people involved. For non-religious celebrations of life, our officiants can help you create an order of ceremony that reflects the life and tastes of your loved one.

3. Spread the word
It is helpful to include details of the funeral celebration in your loved one’s obituary. Although it is unusual to send invitations to traditional funerals, you can invite people to a celebration of life. Some people post event details on social media.

Include details about any particular dress code or color you would like people to wear, anything special and the type of atmosphere you hope to create, to remember this special person.

Non-religious civil funerals in Malaga for serene farewells to the family's liking.

4. Establish the order of service
The order of service depends entirely on the elements you want to include in the ceremony. As in a traditional funeral, it may include music and singing, poems and speeches about the person who has died. An alternative funeral could be an opportunity to play your favorite music, or for people to dance. A celebration of life could center around a motorcycle parade doing a “last blast” in his honor, the release of doves, or even a Viking-style ceremony.

Who will speak at the ceremony?
As with any funeral, it is a good idea to include several speakers, friends or family members of the deceased in the celebration of life. A more informal funeral venue could mean there are fewer time limits, giving more people the opportunity to share the things they would like to say. It is good to include a eulogy that expresses their best qualities, highlights of their life story and how much they will be missed. Favorite poems, songs and even quotes can add a personal touch to an alternative funeral service. Some people choose to have an open microphone for guests to stand and share a memory of the person who has died.

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