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This is the person who is in charge of carrying out the wedding ceremony, with a personalized and tailor-made script, is flexible in terms of schedules and dates, which means a wide choice of venues.

We celebrate weddings, silver weddings, golden weddings, vow renewals, surprise ceremonies, and even baptisms and civil funerals for those seeking an alternative to religious services, but also, because legal ceremonies, those that take place in the town hall usually have a fixed day, several couples meet at the door, you can not decorate the altar, because it is the councilman’s table and often do not fit even all the guests, so the bride and groom seek more flexible options and personalized scripts as we offer.

The ceremonies we perform are symbolic , they have no legal validity, although they may appear legal to the guests, if the bride and groom so wish.

If you want a legal ceremony, you must first perform the ceremony at the civil registry to legally register your marriage or civil union. Although for many couples this is not really their wedding: This is the legal, formal part, where you don’t need to exchange rings or perform any kind of ceremonial action: this is a simple ceremony involving the couple and two witnesses at the registry office, where you are not allowed to decorate anything, nor are guests usually in attendance. For many, it is similar to recording any other type of life event, such as the birth of a child. When it is a legal ceremony, the words used cannot be changed, which means you will have the same ceremony as everyone else. It does not reflect anything personal about the bride and groom in any way. So treat it for what it is; the legal part, and then we can do the civil ceremony, with all your guests, in a garden, on the beach or wherever you decide, and there we will do the things you will really remember.

To carry out the ceremony at the civil registry, you may need to do some research and start the paperwork about three months before the wedding, except if one of you is a foreigner, which will require more time.

Of course. We mainly work in Andalusia, but sometimes the bride and groom require a ceremony with an unusual combination of languages, so with only one person we can provide the service in any of these languages or combination for bilingual ceremonies and for this reason in recent years we have done ceremonies in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Fill in the contact form and ask for a free quote.

Yes, our team performs ceremonies in English, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Ask for a video call, without obligation, where you can check our pronunciation, while we explain how we usually do the ceremonies.

For some couples, the choice between using a professional officiant or a friend or family member is not an easy one. Here are some points that will help you decide.

But first, let’s look at the 3 options available to you.

  1. First of all, you can use a professional officiant who will take care of everything: designing and writing your ceremony, helping you choose the music and the ritual, accompanying the family and friends who will participate and organizing the ceremony on the big day.
  2. Another option is to use part of their services, such as providing your ceremony ready to be officiated by another person of your choice. It can be a close family member, or even two close family members, or any other person you consider suitable for the role.
  3. Finally, you can ask one or more close friends to take complete charge of creating your ceremony.
+ He knows you well and will easily understand your wishes.
+ The cost is low, as there is no budget to worry about.
+ This adventure will strengthen your bond.
+ It is a strong sign of recognition, just like asking someone close to you to be a witness.
– Your friend or family member will need to have a talent for writing and good oratory skills to bring their ceremony to life.

– Helping to design the ceremony will take up your time.
– You will have fewer surprises and less spontaneity on the big day because you will have to supervise the script.
– Your friend will not enjoy the ceremony as much as the rest of the guests.
– You will not have the experience of a professional
– You may have to deal with stress and pressure, especially when unforeseen events arise.
To consider:
– Does your friend or family member accept this role sincerely or is it a polite “yes” and dare not refuse the commitment you have put them into?
– Will he want to be as involved as you would like him to be and will he have the time to do so? .
– Does the motivation of your friend or relative match the expectations of the bride and groom?
+ The officiant is experienced: he can make suggestions according to the bride and groom, number of guests, surprises…
+ He is a writer and is good at public speaking, so he will know how to move the guests and give meaning to your messages.
+ He will dedicate the necessary time to ensure that the script of the ceremony is to your liking.
+ He will free you from all the hassles of organizing the ceremony and you will be able to trust him.
+ In most cases a trial run is offered a day(s) before.
– Budget for this type of service

To be considered:
– Consult with 2 or 3 officiants to see which one best suits your tastes and preferences.

In every ceremony there are usually at least 3 pieces of music for the entrance and exit of the bride and groom, but there can be many more. You can choose according to the different moments of the ceremony: arrival of the guests, installation of the guests, arrival of the cortege, arrival of the bride and groom separately, interlude (ritual, transition…), departure of the bride and groom and departure of the guests. The officiant will suggest the music and help you choose it. This is part of the personalization of weddings and also depends on whether there is live music, sung or instrumental or the ceremony will be done with a DJ playing the songs we have chosen. Let’s take a look at the different options:

In principle, every ceremony usually has at least 3 pieces of music: One for the entrance of the groom, one for the entrance of the bride and one for the exit of the bride and groom. Sometimes this becomes only 2 pieces of music because the groom, a bit embarrassed, does not want to make the entrance and decides to wait directly at the altar.

When the music is played by a DJ, which is usually the same DJ who then entertains the open bar, this is usually the norm: 2 or 3 songs at the ceremony.

When there is live music, of the instrumental type, whether it is a violin, a classical group, a saxophone, a guitar, etc … you can get more out of the music and during different moments we can put music in the ceremony, to play in the background, at important moments such as the readings of the guests, some ritual, the yes I do …. that gives much elegance to the ceremony and intensifies very special moments.

The other option is that the live music is with sung voice: Here there is no problem for the entrance of the bride or groom, in fact, the singer is usually accompanied by an instrument and most of the time the singer is reserved for the entrance of the bride and the entrance of the groom only sounds the instrument that accompanies her. And this does not interfere with the development of the ceremony since at this moment the officiant is not speaking. At the end of the ceremony it is the same: the singer can sing quietly, without interrupting anyone.

But what if we want to include songs in the ceremony, live songs, with a singer?

If we want to have live music during the ceremony, to be sung in some moments, we will have to plan it and include it in the script to give way to it in the different moments and once the song is finished we continue with the script. This way we don’t step on each other’s toes and we can all hear each other. Here you can choose several moments to include pieces of some songs that we like and if there is one especially nice for the bride and groom, we can include it in its entirety and listen to it with all the emotion it deserves, as it can be in one of the most appropriate moments for this, just before the “I do”.

Of course. We are based in Malaga, but if the bride and groom require it, we can travel all over Andalusia and even abroad. As celebrants, we often travel all over Spain and abroad, and we will be happy to do so if you think our style suits your tastes.

Of course, we have a wide variety of symbolic rituals. to carry out in their ceremony, are rituals with which the bride and groom identify and symbolize their love, such as the ritual of light, the ritual of spices, the ritual of the broken vase, the ritual of the red thread, the ritual of planting a tree, painting a picture, the ritual of stones, the ritual of the time capsule, the ritual of the ribbons with their variants, the ritual of the rings, the ritual of the arras… Rituals for the bride and groom only, for the bride and groom and some guests, and rituals involving all guests.

Thanks to our years of experience and having done ceremonies for couples from many countries we have carried out different types of rituals that we can do to customize the ceremony to the tastes of each couple.

The ceremony usually lasts around 30 minutes, but it can vary if there are live songs during the ceremony or if there are more than 2 guest readings or the guests go on for too long. Although we can also talk about this so as not to overdo it too much and the ceremony keeps a lively tone and doesn’t decay.

Some couples have expressly asked us for a 45 or 50 minute ceremony and, if that is your taste, we have no objection to the length of the ceremony being whatever you have chosen.

If the bride and groom require it, we can contemplate it and do a rehearsal one or more days before. If the ceremony is close to our home, we usually increase the budget with travel expenses. If the ceremony is in another province outside of Malaga and we need to spend the night in a hotel, we would have to increase the budget with these extra expenses.

The price of the service varies according to the province and the language chosen. Send us an email with information about your ceremony and we will send you a detailed quote.

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